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About Us

With Horses CIC: A Social Enterprise with Horses at its Heart

With Horses CIC is a registered Community Interest Company. We believe that horses are for everyone, not just the privileged few. We sell training courses and educational resources that help people learn how to heal, grow or learn with horses. Our ethos is all about doing things with horses rather than to them, being alongside them in partnership rather than dominance.


Our profits provide training scholarships in the Equine Assisted Industry for people from backgrounds of disadvantage, opening up careers with horses for those who might never normally have the opportunity. We also provide therapeutic bursaries for survivors of trauma with a special focus on female survivors of violence or abuse and care experienced children and young people, so that those who need it most can experience the life-changing benefits of horses and the outdoors.

White Mane

Social Benefit

Lem Sissay said, "Care is a one-word oxymoron. If we were to truly replicate what a family is for the child who's being looked after by the would give them the best of everything. But what society gives the kids is not the best; it's the dregs."


At With Horses CIC, our belief is that horses and the countryside should be for everyone, not just the privileged few, that young people who have been dealt the very worst hand that life has to offer deserve the best.


Our profits from sales of products and services provide sanctuary for horses and free therapeutic retreats in a beautiful rural setting surrounded by mountains and forest where care experienced young people and trauma survivors have healthy food cooked and grown onsite, luxury ensuite rooms and access to trauma therapy, life skills training, peer support and the opportunity to train and gain qualifications. 


                                                                                                                       Our vision is a society where:

- All people can have access to the life-changing benefits of horses not just the privileged few. 

-Equine assisted activities are easily accessible,  widely recognised and delivered with the highest levels of safety and ethics.

-The horses involved will be worked alongside in partnership rather than used as tools or vehicles.

-People from a diverse range of backgrounds are able to access work and training within the Equine Assisted Industry. 
-Horses are valued not only as athletes, but also as teachers, companions, and healers. They live in comfort and die with dignity; they have loving homes where they can thrive and have opportunities to share their unique abilities with people.

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