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Your purchase will help to fund a free  training for a survivor of trauma or a young person leaving care.


PATH International Mentoring

Do want to obtain an internationally-recognised  therapeutic riding instructor certification? Do you already work or volunteer at a therapeutic riding centre? Are you a riding instructor who wants to ensure that your lessons are enjoyable and accessible for people with a range of needs and abilities? Are you confident in your ability to coach but time-poor and therefore unable to attend an onsite training course? If so, the PATH International Mentoring Option may be for you. 


We can mentor you through the PATH International CTRI (Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor) Instructor Certification process. The requirements needed for the CTRI can be found at the PATH International website.The level of mentoring needed is specific to your personal skill level and the process can take six-months to two-years depending upon your previous experience and the pace that you wish to work . You will have an initial evaluation call with a Certified Mentor to decide where you should start the process.  We provide several services to those looking to work towards this level of certification including:

  • Teaching Readiness Assessments 

  • Remote Supervised Teaching Hours

  • In-Person Supervised Teaching Hours

  • Teaching Video Submission Review & Mentoring

The PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor (CTRI) processes were developed for professionals who want to work within the equine-assisted services (EAS) fields. This may include mounted or unmounted work ethically partnering individuals with an equine to obtain therapeutic outcomes. PATH International CTRIs have met established criteria and standards of practice in the field. They must demonstrate a solid knowledge of disabilities, health related conditions, horse management and equestrian skills expertise and instruction, and human-animal interactions necessary for their role within this profession. The PATH  International certification programs were designed to meet the rigorous accreditation standards of the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).  

Why choose PATH International?

PATH Intl. certifies and accredits centres, instructors and equine specialists according to a set of field-tested standards to ensure the highest levels of safety, ethics and effectiveness in the equine-assisted services industry. Instructors must complete workshops and pass both written and practical exams to become certified to teach equine-assisted services. PATH Intl. certifies professionals according to a set of field-tested standards to ensure the highest levels of safety, ethics and effectiveness in the industry. Participants and their families can be confident that PATH Intl. Member Centers and Professionals deliver safe and effective EAS programming.

PATH Intl leads the advancement of professional equine-assisted services by supporting members and stakeholders through rigorously developed standards, credentialing and education. They safeguard the public by identifying qualified individuals through validated measurement of knowledge, skills and abilities to ensure that certified individuals possess the skills necessary to provide the highest level of service in equine-assisted services. They aim to elevate the equine-assisted services profession by providing qualified individuals with the international credibility and competitive advantages that come with achieving PATH Intl. certification.


To date, PATH Intl. has certified nearly 5,000 instructors in several disciplines as well as 300 Equine Specialists in Mental Health and Learning to support 873 member centers in confidently providing equine-assisted services according to PATH Intl. standards. You can locate PATH Intl. Certified Professionals around the world via the online certified professionals directory and, once certified are eligible to join this directory.


Mentoring Options and Pricing


£35/30 minutes reviewed

  • Consultation Call to go over expectations and instructions for recording.

  •  Lesson & Lesson Plan Review over Zoom (plan for 1+ hour meeting).

  • Lesson submitted is a max of 30 min. in length.

  • Detailed "Challenges" to summarize our Zoom meeting for submitted ride, lesson, and lesson plan with targeted goals to help final preparation for certification.

  • Email support post zoom meeting if needed.

  • Certificate documenting mentoring from a PATH Intl. Mentor available upon request.



Consultation Call to go over expectations and instructions and tip for recording.

Zoom review of video to be submitted for CTRI certification (plan for 1+ hour meeting).

Detailed "Challenges" to summarize our Zoom meeting with targeted goals to help final preparation for certification and application submission.

Email support zoom meeting if needed.

Certificate documenting mentoring from a PATH Intl. Mentor available upon request.

Face to Face Mentoring: We offer a limited number of in-person opportunities for mentoring, supervised teaching hours, and/or intensive certification prep. Trainees who live locally to our centre can be mentored on a weekly basis, teaching lessons and receiving real-time feedback. Please email for pricing. Those from further afield can attend an intensive certification prep course so that they can work on the CTRI criteria, become immersed in the PATH International Standards and get hands-on teaching practice. These run periodically throughout the year and are listed on our courses page. 
Remote Mentoring: This option particularly useful for trainee instructors who don't live locally or even in the United Kingdom. You can attend an online instructor prep course. Then you record your lessons from the comfort of your home arena using a smart phone or video camera and then upload lessons to YouTube, google drive, or a similar ‘sharing’ platform for review and professional feedback.We meet using Zoom for a one-on-one, custom video call where we go over your submitted lesson plan and ride video in real time together. We can pause and talk about moments that were great or delve into what, why, and how to refine certain aspects of the lesson. You receive detailed feedback that summarizes our Zoom meetings and give you customized “challenges” to help you focus your efforts on key areas to develop and refine as an instructor as well as practical tips and applications to help you be the most prepared you can be for certification! Have a question that comes to mind after our meetings? No worries! Your mentor is just an email away! 

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