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Lindsey Crosbie

Equine Behaviourist and Trainer

Lindsey is a qualified equine behaviourist, having studied in with the Natural Animal Centre to learn ethical, science-based ways of training and addressing behaviour issues. She has a wealth of experience in rescuing and rehabilitating horses. As well as offering equine behaviour modification services direct to horse owners, she works alongside equine welfare organisations and offers her services pro bono to the Tinnis Trust in Scotland, overseeing the rescue and rehabilitation of so-called 'last chance' horses exhibiting a range of challenging behaviours. Lindsey specialises in working with young or unhandled equines. She has extensive experience of working with semi-feral horses and ponies.

Horses in the pasture

 " You are amongst the very best of our graduates...thank you for your dedication."  

-Ross Simpson, Natural Animal Centre 

Methods and Ethos

Lindsey uses a range of methods that employ positive reinforcement to make powerful changes in behaviour, eschewing aversive training in favour of a more gentle, horse-centred approach. She has a background in both traditional and Natural Horsemanship.


It is her ethos that many behaviour issues are actually the horses' way of expressing that fundamental needs are not being met. Many can be solved by educating horse owners about how to listen to what their horse is really telling them, thus uncovering the unmet need underlying the undesirable behaviour.


Lindsey is a huge proponent of natural horse keeping and believes that wherever possible equines should be cared for in a way that is mindful of their natural needs, behaviours and instincts. Her approach is holistic and includes horse training, owner education and equine care recommendations. 

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Lindsey can consult with horse owners about a range of behavioural issues, via an initial telephone or video call followed up by a face-to-face assessment. She will then be able to create a bespoke solution, equipping owner's with the skills to manage their horse's behaviour. She also offers residential packages where equines and their owners can stay on-site and receive daily one to one tuition. She works only under permission from the horse's vet.  

Online Consultation

Book an initial one-hour equine behaviour consultation via phone or Zoom to discuss your horse's needs, next steps and potential behaviour modification solutions. 

Training Livery

Send your horse to our  centre for dedicated 1:1 training on a daily basis. Click below to email us your requirements and obtain a quote.

Training Retreat

Come and stay with your horse at our beautiful centre in the Scottish Borders to learn behaviour modification techniques that you can try at home. Click below to email us your requirements and obtain a quote.

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