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Team Building and Corporate Coaching


We offer retreats, consultations, workshops, and training seminars for businesses and teams of all ages that desire to enhance their effectiveness and increase their performance through enhanced communication. They are tailored to meet your specific goals, working together as a team through fun tasks with horses that will reveal strengths and weaknesses, helping each member of the team to hone their communication and develop new leadership styles. 


Areas we can address:

  • Goal setting

  • Cohesiveness

  • Communication

  • Planning and problem solving

  • Creative thinking

  • Efficiency

  • Identifying and enhancing leadership strengths.

Two hour teambuilding sessions start at £250. Through the work with horses, each person’s unique talents and strengths are revealed and drawn upon to reach a set of strategic goals. Groups explore how to tap into their combined talents as a team to accomplish common outcomes.  Contact us to receive a brief questionnaire that will guide us in preparing a custom program for your group.

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