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Become an Approved Provider

Are you interested in delivering one of our programs at your own centre? Perhaps you would love to run your own equine assisted project but hate paperwork and have no idea where to start? Maybe you have purchased one of the books but would like a hands-on opportunity to see how it all works in practice? Let us help!


Our award-winning, evidence-based programs are tried, tested and peer-reviewed. They really work! And with our training, you can have a profitable and rewarding career working alongside horses to help people.

Our Equine Assisted Programs

Image by Lucie Hošová

The Penytrip Program

Do you want to help children develop personally and socially?

Then the PENYTRIP PROGRAM is for you! This Equine Assisted Learning Curriculum helps young people develop Confidence, Coping and Communication Skills. Want to be sure it works? Read this independent research study. 

Image by Annika Treial

The Alpha Mare Program

Do you want to work with groups of women, helping them to build self-esteem, form support networks and improve their mental health? Then pick the Marsh Christian Award winning ALPHA MARE Program. This equine assisted Peer Support program can be adapted to serve a variety of client groups, helping them to learn about calm, assertiveness, connected relationships and self care by harnessing their inner alpha mare.

Image by Philippe Oursel

The Life Hack Program

Would you like to help teenagers and young adults who are not in education, employment or training?  Maybe you'd like to work alongside people with disabilities or learning differences to help them gain knowledge and skills outside of the traditional classroom environment? Then choose the Life Hack Equine Assisted Education program for life, work and study skills.  

Curriculum Training Courses

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Become an approved provider


Online Option

Would you like to learn how to deliver one of our effective, tried and tested programs  but don't have time to travel? You can learn to provide the Life Hack Program from the comfort of your own home! Our Zoom course with accompanying online learning modules offers everything you need to begin offering this exciting equine assisted education program at your own centre. Led by a Board Certified Equine Interaction Professional and Qualified Teacher with a Masters Degree in Education, it  will provide not only a practical overview of the program but also the opportunity to learn from industry professionals with decades of combined experience. 



Onsite Option

If you'd like to provide the Penytrip or Alpha Mare Program, a 5 day training retreat at our Scottish Borders centre will equip you with everything you need to go on and run one of our successful projects in your own setting. You can learn the equine assisted program of your choice inside out through theory lessons with the author and practice sessions with our herd of experienced therapy horses. You get to immerse yourself completely in the process, network with fellow learners and even work with real clients where possible. You don't need any prior experience or to be a With Horses Certified Practitioner to take part (although if you are, it's free).

Approved Provider Scheme

Once trained, you can gain the With Horses Quality Mark and become an Approved Provider. For a £34.99

monthly fee (or £28 if you are a With Horses Certified Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner), you get:

  • Unlimited access to online training for all of your volunteers and assistants.

  • 0ur community hub where you can network and share best practice with other approved providers. 

  • Templates of all the paperwork you need including participant information, informed consent and referral forms.

  • Access to our bespoke evaluation and monitoring tools.

  • Pre-written copy to apply for grants and use for publicity

  • Fundraising guides and training

  • Social media and marketing graphics

  • Templates of promotional materials including leaflets and posters

  • Regular CPD webinars and trainings on topics including safeguarding, ethical horse care and training and trauma-informed practice.

  • Session plans, session evaluations and step by step equine assisted activities.

  • Policies, procedures and risk assessments

  • Service level agreements and training on how to apply for tenders, attract referrers and secure contracts.

  • Informed consent documents.

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