Equine Assisted Training


Do you want to work alongside horses to help people improve their lives, achieve personal goals, make professional progress or experience well-being? Do you have a background as a riding instructor, teacher, coach or human services professional?  Perhaps you just want to learn more about horses and the life-changing benefits they can bring? Our training will enable you to learn new skills so that you can have a sustainable and profitable career doing what you love


We offer a range of accredited onsite and distance learning courses for people wanting to become therapeutic riding instructors, equine assisted learning practitioners and equine advocates as well as for those who simply want to learn more about horses and the incredible benefits they bring.  Take a look at our courses to find a learning opportunity that is perfect for you!


Fastrack training packages

For a limited time only, we are offering a range of discounted fast tack training packages, enabling you to reach your desired training level in just one year at a fraction of the usual prices. Book now to save!

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Distance Learning Package: Receive both the Introduction to Equine Activities and Therapies Course  and Equine Advocate or Assistant Therapeutic Riding Instructor Course for a discount of more than 50% at just £250.  


Horsemanship Package: Receive both distance learning units PLUS an onsite 4-day Horsemanship Coach course in Wales or the Scottish Borders.

Horse Whisperer

Equine Assisted Learning Package: Receive both distance learning units PLUS an onsite 4-day Horsemanship Coach course AND a 5-day Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner Course in Wales or the Scottish Borders.

Riding Lessons

Therapeutic Riding Package: Receive both distance learning units PLUS an onsite 4-day Horsemanship Coach course AND a 5-day Therapeutic Riding Instructor Course-only available in the Scottish Borders.

10% of the proceeds from all our courses goes to The Tinnis Trust, providing free equine assisted interventions for women and children who are survivors of trauma.

We offer a range of fully accredited training courses and workshops. Whatever your level of equine knowledge or experience, you can gain a nationally recognised OCNCredit4Learning accredited qualification. ​There are two training Pathways available: one for those wishing to progress onto coaching mounted activities and another for ground-based equine assisted learning practitioners. Both pathways include training on equine advocacy and ethical horsemanship. They are designed to be taken in stages to fit around a busy life. Not everyone needs to start at stage 1 and work up in a linear pattern. If you have relevant equine experience or existing qualifications, please email as you may be eligible to fastrack to a higher level of study.

With Horses certification prepares practitioners to work as professionals in the field of Equine Assisted Learning, Horsemanship or Therapeutic Riding. This training has been structured in line with the most recent developments in the ever- evolving field of Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies across the UK and the world. The terminology, definitions, standards and guidelines we use are set by the Professional Association for Therapeutic Horsemanship International. Our expertise is derived from real projects that have been created, piloted, implemented, evaluated and marketed by With Horses over the past decade and then published as curricula. These curricula which are available to all our trained practitioners, give you pre-planned, tried and tested sessions that lend credibility and sustainability to your practice.

Our range of programs involve both practical and distance learning. People from all walks of life who have an interest in or affinity with horses can become rididing instructors, equine assisted practitioners or coaches who teach horsemanship and horse care skills to those wishing to relax in the outdoors, develop motor or memory skills or to have a deeper connection with horses. You can build upon and get credit for your past experience, including lived experience, and your existing qualifications. Our training is competency based and assessed. Passing the courses requires participants to meet the highest of standards.  Our mission is to promote best practices and produce not just competent but world-class practitioners. 

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