Trauma and Attachment

Hooves for the Heart

Hooves for the Heart is a service specifically for children who are adopted or in long term, stable foster placements and their families. It can be offered as a course of six, hour long weekly sessions or as  a five day residential course. This program is based on the method created by the world-renowned instructor Terena Thomas, who developed it as a result of growing up in a therapeutic parenting environment. Run by our Equestrian Director, Lindsey Crosbie, the only Hooves for the Heart method trained instructor in the whole of the UK, it is designed to help children and young people to bond with and trust their care givers, aid emotional regulation and help the brain to heal from trauma by interacting with equines on the ground as well as utilising their movement.

We engage hard to reach young people to create lasting results while gaining a specific understanding of the personalities of each participant and their family. We strive to be sensitive to the relationship that each parent has with their child and to give the parents support and understanding. We seek to enable each child to trust themselves, their parents, their environmen. Parental support and participation is required.

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  • Participant aged 3-18.

  • Child is adopted or in long term, stable foster placement.
  • Parental support and involvement essential throughout sessions.

"Thanks for everything you have done for our adopted son and for us. I expected Hooves for the Heart to be just another therapy for his trauma.  I didn't expect it to touch and change me as father as much as it did. I will never forget my little son- who we thought would never trust a caregiver again- reaching his arms out to me for the first time. I cannot thank you and the horses enough."

-Parent of 5 year old boy with reactive attachment disorder.

  • £420 for a course of six sessions.

  • £1500 for a five day residential course with family bunkhouse accommodation, en suite bathroom and self catering facilities in a stunning forest location included.

Referral Procedure
  • Referrals for this project can be made by the intended participant, a parent (if the participant is under 18) or by a professional currently working with the participant, such as a doctor, social worker or teacher.

  • Referrals can be made by completing and submitting our Hooves for the Heart Referral form.

  • The referral form is available to download by clicking the link above.