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With Horses Certification

At With Horses we provide both Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner and Therapeutic Riding Instructor courses, preparing professionals to work with people in the saddle or on the ground. Our training is independently accredited and structured in line with the most recent developments in the ever-evolving field of Equine Assisted Services. Our courses are delivered by experienced practitioners and designed with both onsite and online elements that can be taken- and paid for- in stages to fit around your busy life. 

Therapeutic Riding Instructor Certification

Therapeutic riding instructors provide riding instruction to improve mental and physical wellbeing. This may include mounted or unmounted work ethically partnering with an equine. 

Horse Ridding School

Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner Certification

Equine Assisted Learning Practitioners use ground-based equine activities to help people work towards personal, educational or corporate goals.

Animal Love

The program offers professional training and skills, in a relaxed, supportive and 'allowing' atmosphere, and being able to be around the horses is therapeutic in itself. Knowing that participants have different backgrounds and experiences, also makes it less intimidating. Having someone believe in me, when I wasn't really able to do so myself, made a huge difference in so many ways. Experiences and ' baggage' which I had seen as negative, a failure and something to be a bit ashamed of, now turned out to be something positive, even a strength. 18 months on... (I have) now actually started working towards having my own donkey EAT business! 

Mia Harri

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