Scholarships and Bursaries

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Your Best Self.Are you stuck in a rut and not sure how to move forward? Do you struggle with confidence, communication or coping skills? Maybe you live with a mental health issue and traditional talk therapy just is not working. Are you dealing with trauma or do you simply need some help with life's every day stresses? Horses make the best therapist and teachers. Whatever you are dealing with, a horse can help.

Horses are calm, non judgemental and able to help all of us to uncover our best selves. When they work alongside trained facilitators in an Equine Assisted Activities session or a qualified instructor in a therapeutic riding session, they can teach us essential life skills, help us to communicate more clearly and give us tools to cope with whatever life throws at us. 

If you think that you, or someone you know, can benefit from spending time with horses, but money is an issue, our sister charity The Tinnis Trust can help.  Its mission is to provide opportunities for interaction with horses that help people move forwards positively in their lives.


Every year the trust provides a small number of bursaries so that people in times of transition can access the life-changing benefits of horses so that they do not fall through gaps in provision, particularly families transitioning through trauma, women and girls who are recovering from abuse or leaving violent situations, young people transitioning into or out of education and children transitioning into or out care.


We also provide scholarships for people wishing to train as therapeutic horsemanship or riding practitioners on a case by case basis. You can apply for one of these bursaries and, if you are eligible, access our services or training totally free of charge. Please email for more details.