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With Horses CIC is a Community Interest Company set up to ensure that people from all backgrounds can access the life-changing benefits of horses. We sell courses, curricula and consulting services in the Equine Assisted industry.

Our profits provide animal and land-based therapeutic interventions, activities, education and skills development opportunities to support and enhance the physical, emotional and social well-being of individuals and the wider community.

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Our Ethos

At With Horses CIC, we are committed to providing opportunities for people to heal, learn, grow and connect with horses. We are a trauma-informed, person-centred organisation with a high-welfare ethos. We  believe in working with horses and people in partnership rather than doing things to them.

Our Vision

Our vision is a society in which all people can have access to the life-changing benefits of horses regardless of their background. We envisage that the horses who take part in these interactions are valued as partners and valued as healers, teachers and athletes rather than used as vehicles or tools. They are properly cared for with an awareness of their ethology, live in peace and die with dignity. 

Horse Rider

Our Mission

Our mission is to make equine-assisted therapeutic and learning activities more easily accessible and widely recognised and to ensure that they are provided with the highest levels of safety and ethics.

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Our Values

  • Inclusive: At With Horses CIC, we champion lived experience, believing that those who know disability, discrimination and disadvantage firsthand have invaluable contributions to make to the world.

  • Innovative: We love making change, creating pioneering projects and sharing new ideas. 

  • Effective: We don't just talk; we get things done.

  • Empowering: We believe individuals should have control over their own lives and be supported to make their own decisions. 



Horse Legs

Our Commitment to Trauma Informed Practice

With Horses CIC is a trauma informed organisation. We understand that trauma is widespread and that the experience of trauma can cause lasting adverse effects, limiting the ability to function and achieve mental, physical, social, emotional or spiritual well-being. We also acknowledge that, unless provided mindfully and skillfully, equine activities and environments have the potential to create and/or perpetuate trauma. Trauma-informed practice is an approach to health and care interventions which is grounded in the understanding that trauma exposure can impact an individual’s neurological, biological, psychological and social development. As an organisation we are committed to creating inclusive systems and processes and culturally sensitive, safe services that people trust and want to use. We prepare practitioners to work in collaboration and partnership with people and empower them to make informed choices about their health and wellbeing.  Our staff recognise the signs and symptoms of trauma and are adequately trained and experienced to address it. We raise awareness about the wide impact of trauma and actively seek to prevent the re-traumatisation in service settings that are meant to support and assist healing. Knowledge about trauma is fully integrated into all of our policies, procedures and practices. We are committed to the principles of trauma informed practice.

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