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Would you like to get started on the exciting journey of becoming an equine assisted professional or just find out more about the therapeutic and learning opportunities that horses have to offer? You may already work with horses and want to add learning experiences or therapeutic value to your services. Or you could be a qualified human services professional like a teacher, social worker or therapist who wants to explore how to include horses in their work. If that's you, you can get started today  by taking one of our affordable entry level online courses. 

Introductory Courses

This range of easy-to-access courses is designed to help you find out more about Equine Assisted Services in general and introduce you to the modalities of Equine Assisted Learning and Therapeutic Riding. Click the images below to select your course.


Introduction to Equine Assisted Services

Are you interested in the broad and fascinating field of Equine Assisted Services but confused by all the different terminology and unsure of which path to take? This ONLINE course helps you learn about the origins of EAS, introduces you to the main modalities and points you in the direction of  potential career paths. 

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Introduction to Equine Assisted Learning

Coming soon!


Introduction to Therapeutic Riding

Coming soon!


If you have any questions about our introductory courses, please drop us an email!

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