Therapeutic  Retreats

Relax, learn and grow alongside horses in a beautiful countryside setting. Our retreats cost £500 per person with self-catering accomodation included. Profits go to the Tinnis Trust, providing free retreats for people who might never normally have the experience. You are welcome to book as a group with friends and family or, alternatively, book individually and we will match you with a like-minded group. Groups of 3 or more people have exclusive use of the centreSingle bookings will have an  ensuite room with access to communal facilities. To find out more about the accommodation and our centre please click here:


Horse Play

Horse Play is a 5 day residential retreat for families.  It is specifically designed for young peoplaged 3-16 who are adopted or in long term, stable foster placements and their families. This program is trauma-informed and complements therapeutic parenting approaches.

 Horse Play is designed to help children and young people to bond with and trust their care givers, aid emotional regulation and help the brain to heal from trauma by interacting with equines on the ground as well as utilising their movement.  Parental support and participation is required.

Horsemanship provides young people with  natural consequences from a non-judgmental learning partner who will only interact fruitfully with them when they are calm, compassionate and congruent. Horses stimulate the senses in a myriad of ways, providing calming input for an overwrought amygdala. Their movement is soothing, helping to regulate emotions, develop the limbic system and light up new areas in brains affected by trauma. Stroking, grooming and riding horses releases oxytocin. When a child and their parents interact  together with a horse, this feel-good hormone facilitates family bonding. Parents and instructors work as a team to ensure children feel safe, supported, able to understand healthy boundaries and form relationships based on trust. 


If you are on a low income, you may be able to access this service for free. To apply for a bursary, please click here


The Alpha Mare Course

Are you stressed, tired and burnt out? Do you lack confidence or self-belief? Do you live with a mental health issue that leaves you feeling isolated? Would you like to reconnect with yourself, discover your own inner strength and gain support from a group of like-minded women? What if you could do all of that while spending time in a beautiful place, interacting on the ground with a herd of horses, finding out what they have to teach us about ourselves and strong, connected relationships.


The Alpha Mare Course won a Marsh Christian Award for innovative peer supported in 2019. Piloted with funding from Mind, the leading mental health charity in England and Wales, and Agenda, the alliance for women and girls at risk, it used equine assisted peer support to help more than 40 women experiencing disadvantage who were frequently under-represented in services to improve their mental health. It is now available to anyone who has experienced mental health issues.


What is Peer Support?

Peer support is not psychotherapy and it differs from other forms of mental health services in important ways. It happens when people who have similar experiences of something difficult come together to support each other. It is through this development of meaningful, two-way relationships that peer support works. Crucially, the people involved play an active role in creating a safe environment for each other. Peer support can improve your emotional health, well-being and sense of belonging. A vital part of peer support is mutual respect; peer support aims to help both those giving and receiving support. Everyone's experiences are treated as equally important, so you might find this gives you a different experience to more traditional support options.



If you are on a low income, you may be able to access this service for free. To apply for a bursary, please click here:

Overcoming Obstacles

 Overcoming Obstacles is a therapeutic horsemanship program for survivors. It is designed for women and girls who have experienced loss, trauma, violence, abuse and coercion.  It uses Horse Agility and Competitive Western Trail riding to build confidence, communication skills and courage. This program is experiential, participants are operating in the moment not processing past events. Overcoming Obstacles empowers women to develop skills, learn relaxation techniques, regulate emotions, build confidence and improve mental and physical health so that they can recover and reconnect after trauma. 

If you are on a low income, you may be able to access this service for free. To apply for a bursary, please click here