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New Course Available Now on Udemy! Evaluation and Monitoring: How to Measure the Impact of your Equine Assisted Service.

Are you an equine assisted professional or are you thinking of setting up a business or non-profit that incorporates horses? Maybe you already know that horses change lives but you don't know how to share that information effectively so that you get grant-funding, loans and community support. Have you ever wondered how you can express the true value of what you do to funders, parents, volunteers, referring agencies and other stakeholders? If you run an equestrian business like a riding school or lesson barn, do you know how to find out what your customers really think and use that information to inform future business decisions?

In essence: Monitoring and Evaluating means making sure we are delivering the right thing to the right people at the right time. In the horse world, we're not always the best at demonstrating that what we are doing is effective using cold, hard evidence, accurate statistics and high-quality reports. In today's financial climate, it's not enough to just know that what we do works. We can't measure our effectiveness solely in terms of horsemanship skills gained or ribbons won. We also need to think about calculating our impact on the wider community.

Monitoring and evaluation can be used to demonstrate that your efforts have had a measurable impact on expected outcomes and have been implemented effectively. They help with identifying the most efficient use of resources and are critical for developing objective conclusions regarding the extent to which equestrian initiatives can be judged a “success”. Monitoring and evaluation together provide the necessary data to prove to funders, donors, commissioners, participants, parents, and carers, that your service does what it says it will do.

 In this new online course you will find out why monitoring and evaluation are important in the equestrian sector, what the commonly used jargon means, and how to embed fun and creative data-gathering exercises into your daily business. You'll also learn how to analyse, collate and share the results to increase income and generate awareness around the value of the services you provide.  Follow the link to enroll today!

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