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The Equine Advocacy Course is now available on Udemy!

Do you want to ensure that equines are treated as equal and valued partners in all of your interactions? The online equine advocacy course can help you learn to listen better to the horses that you own, ensure that the horses you work or volunteer with have the happiest lives possible or speak up for the welfare of horses on a wider scale. Learn the basics of ethical care and training, equine behaviour and communication, how to create an enriching environment and much more! Click here to buy the course or find out more:

Equine advocates ensure that the horse's safety, welfare, basic needs and particular preferences are honoured. They advocate for the voiceless equine by interpreting their behaviour and paying attention to subtle equine communication signals. A skilled equine advocate can make the difference between an interaction that is based on partnership, mutual trust and clear communication or one that is unfulfilling and or even harmful to both parties.

Professional equine advocates have a thorough understanding of equine behaviour, communication and welfare. They are experienced horse handlers who can work effectively in a variety of equine settings including equine assisted learning, equine assisted psychotherapy, therapeutic riding and therapeutic horsemanship. Where the facilitator’s role is more person-focused, the equine advocate or specialist focuses on the horse, ensuring their welfare and ethical treatment in the session. They look for minute changes in the horse’s posture and body language or tell-tale signs of tension. They help to give feedback to the participant about how they are interacting with the horse, including anything that could make the experience more positive for both parties. If this is a career path of interest to you, this online introductory course is a must!

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