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Therapeutic Riding Research

I am thrilled to share that I have been awarded a Churchill Fellowship to connect with leading experts in the field of therapeutic riding, gain insights that will help drive positive change and help young care-experienced people to overcome developmental trauma by connecting with equines and the natural world . Thank you to the Churchill Fellowship for this amazing opportunity. hashtag#ChurchillFellow24

My Fellowship will enable me to travel to Colorado and Texas, visiting host organisations that are world-leaders in therapeutic riding for developmental trauma, interviewing staff and participants and observing sessions. I have chosen a hybrid format that involves both immersive placements and online research. I'll regularly update this blog with news of my travels and, at the end, I'll be creating a report that will be available both here and via the Churchill Fellowship's Ideas Library.

My aim is to create lasting and widespread change through creating an opensource therapeutic riding curriculum that organisations working with horses and care-experienced young people across the world can access. I also hope to gather evidence and lobby decision-makers so that therapeutic riding for developmental trauma can become more widely available to children who receive support via the Adoption Support Fund. I can't wait to get started!

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